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I’ve always been an angler and after around the country moving I wanted to discover and document the best places to fish (where ever I might be) in the way of rivers, lakes, canals and ponds. When previously fishing in South Wales I often fished in club and winter league matches, however living up north presented me with new challenges, venues and angling clubs that I acquainted myself with. Now down in the South West I plan to do the same.

This fishing blog details my angling adventures around the UK (although depending where I am in the country I also sea fish from both Boat and Shore, Carp, Pike and Fly fish) and will be giving a summary using what I would consider 3 important values, on a scale of 1* to 5*;

1. Fishability *****

2. Accessability *****

3. Value for Money *****

Given the current economic climate I think these 3 points are the key issues which are readily identifiable with all anglers. Feel free to take a look and add your own comments along the way!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

#Trip 51 – Old Mill Fishery

February’s weather had meant this fishing had been all but a non starter. So when the forecast said that the weekend may offer a slight reprieve I leapt at the chance to get out there and try to catch a few fish. Randomly coming across this venue (The Old Mill Fishery) after a "Things to do in Yeovil" Google search, it seemed like a promising Carp fishery. Although slightly difficult to find, I finally arrived at the venue and my first impressions were quite good. It was a complex of lakes, with the river flowing behind them. All the lakes looked fishy, but I choose the match one in the hope of catching a few winter roach. 

Starting the day there were 3 of us.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Trip #50 – Water Meadow Lakes, North Perrott

The weather had finally broken, so it was time to dust off the fishing tackle and trial a new fishing venue! I really enjoy fishing new venues; you don’t know what you will catch or how you will catch it. Today I had 2 options and the venue I was going to fish would be decided by a good old fashioned coin toss. Landing on Heads, I would be off to Water Meadows lake in North Perrott. The venue is ideal for me, as it is only 4 minutes car drive away. The venue itself isn’t well advertised so I called in advance to ask if it was OK to fish the lake as a member of the public. Fortunately it was, and it would cost a bargainous £6.

Excuse me in this photo, it was cold and windy, so A LOT of padding was required!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Advice Required – Of Mice and (Fisher)Men

It had been a long while since I had been coarse fishing, and although I would periodically check that all my fishing gear was still in one place, I hadn’t thoroughly looked through it for a while to make sure everything was as pristine as I had left it. Moving house meant that various items were bagged up and stored away, and for obvious (and smelly) reasons my water proofs and nets were all bagged up and left quietly in the shed. You can see where this is going...

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tackle Store Review – Tackle UK, Yeovil

With the New Year now come and gone I was determined to find a local tackle shop, so that when the weather finally decides to sort it’s act out, I would have a great store ready to supply my with my fishing fix! After a quick Google search I found that my closest store was a mere 18 minutes away in the form of Tackle UK (formly Yeovil Tackle Centre) and I was very keen to check it out. Driving to the location I noticed that parking for the store may be difficult at times, but on this occasion there was one space very nearby (I later found out that there is a sizeable car park behind the premises). So after a nifty bit of parking (thanks Rach) I arrived at the store not knowing what to expect, thankfully Tackle UK did not disappoint.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Trip 49 – A break from the norm.

My recent relocation and the fact that Christmas is coming has meant that the frequency of my fishing trips has nose dived. So, when my Dad asked me if I fancied wetting a line on the weekend I jumped at the chance, even if it meant using a beachcaster rather than a match rod. I haven’t sea fished in years, so I was quite excited. Not only would I be fishing a new venue (Seatown, near Chideock), but I would also be using a multiplier reel and some fairly hefty hooks, weight and line. All in all a very big change to what I’m use too!

Seatown was a very nice, quiet beach to visit.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Tackle Store Review - Weymouth Angling Centre

With the knowledge that my father and I would be fishing Seatown beach the following day, we decided to visit Weymouth Angling Centre to buy some bait, while we were visiting the city. A stone’s throw from the harbour, the store would undoubtedly be a haven for beach and boat anglers alike, but I was curious as to what else this sea side store would offer in the way of other fishing disciplines.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tackle Store Review – West Bay Angling Centre

My recent relocation to South West England has meant I’ve had to discover new fishing haunts and stores to buy from. Unfortunately, I think I may have been spoilt for choice at my last 2 addresses. Both West Yorkshire and South Wales are littered with tackle stores and after a short drive you will generally find what you are looking for. So when I was recently visiting West Bay, near Bridport, and I saw the huge Angling Centre sign I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity to see what was on offer…

A big store with on site parking.