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I’ve always been an angler and after around the country moving I wanted to discover and document the best places to fish (where ever I might be) in the way of rivers, lakes, canals and ponds. When previously fishing in South Wales I often fished in club and winter league matches, however living up north presented me with new challenges, venues and angling clubs that I acquainted myself with. Now down in the South West I plan to do the same.

This fishing blog details my angling adventures around the UK (although depending where I am in the country I also sea fish from both Boat and Shore, Carp, Pike and Fly fish). I will be giving a summary of 3 values considered by most anglers as well as the additional Disabled Access rating. Since being diagnosed with CIDP and regaining my motor function Disabled angling and Disabled access is now something I always consider when visiting venues. They will all be rated on a scale of 1* to 5*;

1. Fishability *****

2. Accessability *****

3. Value for Money *****

4. Disabled Access *****

I think these 4 points are the key issues which are readily identifiable with all anglers. Feel free to take a look and add your own comments along the way!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Time for a clean up?

After reading people's opinions and observations on forums, and constantly seeing on twitter that the Environment Agency has made vast steps to clean up our rivers (this is obviously true especially with the recent release of the improved rivers list by the Anglers Mail), I thought about my recent fishing forays and  the unfortunate increase in bank side rubbish I’ve noticed. Whether it was a plastic bag, cigarette box or a few beer cans, the mess seems to be cropping up everywhere and all too frequently.

The route I walked along the River Aire and Leeds-Liverpool Canal
With this in mind I decided to take a short walk to where I would normally either fish on the River (Aire) or the Leeds-Liverpool canal, a walk of no more than 250 meters from my door. The peg I would normally visit has an over-hanging willow tree on the opposite bank which looks like it would hold some fish. On arrival I noticed a trolley and bicycle were squarely in what would be my casting path...

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Trip #9 - Chub Chasing, River Aire

After getting some advice on how best to fish the River Aire, I resolved this weekend to put some of that advice into practice. Visiting Iceland early on Saturday morning to buy some thin frying steak which needed to be chopped into bite sized pieces (I had been assured that this caught fish), as well as replenishing my luncheon meat stock. I then went to spy my swim, which I intended to feeder fish. I had 2 swims in mind after my river side strole, starting in the first swim by casting towards to opposite bank into the slow moving and deeper water and then if it was necessary moving to fish behind a tree which had grown up through the middle of the river. It was looking positively fishy!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Tackle Store Review – Kirkgate Angling, Tackle2U

From the outside Kirkgate Angling, Tackle2U the store looks a little bit run down but crammed full of gear. When you walk into the store it’s less run down than the outside lets on, but it’s absolutely full with fishing equipment. With rods on racks, reels in cabinets, ground bait on shelves and rig bits and bobs all over the walls. I’ve visited the shop previously but only for a quick bait pick up. This time I was taking my pole section to be repaired and although very nervous when I handed my section over to be chopped down, after 5 minutes it was handed back expertly repaired.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Trip #8 - Toms Pond, good weather for ducks!

I don’t know why I thought most fish could be landed on 4 ½lb line, however this was going to be put to the test today. I arrived at Toms Pond to a steady wind of about 15m.p.h and intermittent drizzle. Aside from the weather it was a very nice looking duo of lakes. After a quick walk around it was obvious that today was going to be a tough days fishing.

The layout of the lakes was such that any pegs which offered cover were taken and the ones which were available left the prospective angler exposed to the elements! After speaking to the lady who I paid to fish I learnt that the first lake was mainly filled with carp and some barbel, whereas the back lake has a head of silver fish with fewer specimens. From my walk around the lakes I choose the back lake as it had 1 peg which offered some respite from the weather and I quite enjoy bagging up on silver fish...